Living Room Program

The Hausmann Quartet’s “Living Room Program” is a community chamber music program, designed to encourage active music making in the greater San Diego area by mixing amateur and professional musicians and facilitating the introduction of like-minded chamber musicians who meet, play and receive professional coaching in their own living rooms. The Hausmann Quartet hosts a series of large chamber music gatherings (usually at St. Paul’s Cathedral) to connect local chamber music players and provide a forum for group music-making.

The program was paused during the pandemic, but the previous season included over thirty amateur musicians who enjoyed the opportunity to expand the scope of their musical experience and benefit from exceptional coaching. Groups will be formed to meet, practice and learn through insightful instruction from the members of the Hausmann Quartet.

Please join us for our next chamber music mixer at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Hillcrest on Saturday, February 10th from 6-9pm. You can register ahead of time here.

The Hausmann Quartet is grateful to Associated Chamber Music Players (ACMP) for their support through the “Play-in” grant program.