Haydn Voyages

Frog and Hair

November 10, 2019 at 4 pm  |  Maritime Museum of San Diego

Andrew Norman – Peculiar Strokes (2011-2015)

Haydn – String Quartet no. 41 in D, Op.50/6 “the frog” (1787)

Igor Stravinsky – Concertino (1920)

Haydn – String Quartet no. 63 in D Major “Lark” op. 64/5 (1790)


Mischief  and wry humor abound in 2019’s final concert, featuring quirky miniatures by Andrew Norman and Igor Stravinsky to go along with two of Haydn’s most creative and unique contributions to the string quartet repertoire, his so-called “Frog” and “Lark” Quartets. Come enjoy some clever musical jokes, winks and nods to go along with the beautiful sunset aboard the Berkeley as the fourth season of Haydn Voyages comes to a close.

Venue Information:

Maritime Museum of San Diego

Maritime Museum of San Diego
1492 N Harbor Dr
San Diego, CA 92101