Hausmann Chamber Music Program

Summer Seminar

July 28-30, 2020

This summer we’re excited to present a three day online seminar (on Zoom), open to musicians of all ages and levels. We’ll welcome special guests to explore motion and music and cover areas of instrumental technique, chamber music fundamentals, improvisation, body awareness and much more!

Led by the Hausmann Quartet, with special guests:

Deborah Price and Stephanie Price-Wong of Chamber Music Connection

Uri Vardi, University of Wisconsin, Feldenkrais practicioner

Andre Roy, McGill University and McGill International String Quartet Academy

Yale Strom, klezmer violinist, composer, filmmaker, writer, photographer and playwright

Derek Katz, musicologist, UC Santa Barbara

Melissa White, Harlem Quartet and Intermission

Atsushi Nakasone, Massage Therapist, San Diego Padres

Daily Schedule 9:00 – 11:30am

$120 (due at registration)

Registration deadline Sunday, July 26th

Limited scholarships are available.

Click here to register online

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Participant name

Please call 619.432.2314 or email us for additional information.

  • The social nature of chamber music creates a space for students to learn through cooperation, encouragement and energetic engagement in an extremely hands-on environment that creates a strong sense of community, fostering positive social interaction with like-minded peers.
  • Hausmann Chamber Music Program is a fully-immersive chamber music center for learning, creativity and musical exploration.
  • The mission of the Hausmann Chamber Music Program is to develop a community of engaged listeners and music lovers by sparking excitement, passion, and the spirit of curiosity through hands-on, year-round chamber music training, including coaching, master classes with Hausmann Quartet and visiting artists, performance opportunities, special topic workshops, and forums. HCMP welcomes each participant’s background and unique personality, and is committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and nurturing learning environment.
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